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If you would like to convert and restore your home movies (super 8, 8mm and 16mm films) to DVD or Hi-Definition Blu-Ray you’re at the right place. We are Australia’s leading film conversion facility and provide the service direct to the public from our offices in Perth and Sydney.

How we convert and restore your film

Once we receive your films for conversion, we conduct a thorough check for issues that may prevent a clean conversion. We repair issues such as broken slices and clean the film to remove dust, hairs, mildew and general buildup of grime. Them results in a much better transfer and means you wont have to watch your memories through distracting build up.

If your supply us with multiple 50 foot reels (usually 8 or more) we will splice them onto a new 400 foot reel. This helps with the process of checking the films, but also makes them more manageable in transfering and for you to store when you receive the films back on completion. If you’d prefer we leave the films on the original reels, please let us know.

We request that you number your films in sequential order before supplying them to us. You’ll get a more enjoyable result if we can get the film ordered correctly.

We will put up to 90 minutes of video onto each DVD (this equates to around 1200 feet of film depending on the format and frame rate of the originals).

Beware of Cheaper Film to DVD conversions.

Without going into all the technical complexities, there are transfers and there are transfers. Whatever price you pay, you get what you pay for. Do your homework before accepting the cheapest quote. There is nothing worse than have your treasured memories converted to DVD and getting a sub standard result. As many customers have told us, “we went with a cheaper quote and we basically did our dough, the quality was terrible and now have to pay again to get it done with your frame by frame capture method.” Your Treasured Memories are worth a few dollars more to get what you expect and the best possible quality, rather than someone filming your Treasured Memories off the lounge wall and giving you an inferior product.

Having the Best Available Transfer Technology and Equipment is only half the Equation…

We also have the passion and personal attention to detail that ensures you get the best possible transfer.

Our digitising process means that your film footage is transferred to our edit suite prior to authoring to DVD or Blu-Ray. This allows us to fix some faults and improve your original footage in some cases. View our Editing page or Contact us for further details.

Frame by Frame Film Conversion

We use frame by frame transfers exclusively (in both HD and SD). This conversion involves capturing each individual frame of the film with the very latest frame by frame transfer technology and is the best consumer conversion process available anywhere in the world.

Our frame by frame scanners (we have 6) are hand made in America by the same company that provides Hollywood archive agencies with their transfer scanners. A bit more expensive, but the extra quality is definitely worth the extra dollars. No flicker, no hot spots, no burn’t out frames or fuzzy blackened edges. Simply the best. Another advantage is that the film cannot be damaged by overheated projector lamps or jammed projectors because our frame by frame capture process uses a 40 watt cool daylight balanced globe.

The main issues and questions when converting your Treasured Memories to DVD or BD are:

Do you just want to dump your films to DVD, or do you want the Ultimate Conversion with the Best possible Quality and results available for your treasured memories?

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