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Slides, Negatives and Photo Scanning

Our slide, negative and photo scanning service is available to anybody, regardless of your job’s size. If you’re looking for the highest quality scanning and restoration service, you’ve come to the right place. Our 4000 dpi scans includes cleaning, digitising, colour correction and restoration. We offer the restored images as print ready files with an option for a slide show playable on you DVD player or computer.

Scanning service features:

  • 35 mm slides, mounted or unmounted, film strips (positives or negatives)
  • Most other film sizes including 110, 126 and 127
  • Photograph scanning (all sized to A4)
  • Cleaning (compressed air or antistatic solution if required)
  • 4000 dpi scanning for negatives / films
  • 600 dpi for photographs
  • Image density correction
  • Digital ICE defect removal
  • Digital ROC colour correction
  • Image re-orientation if required
  • Output to hi-grade DVD media, archival DVD, thumb drive or Hard drive
  • Adobe Photoshop touch up and colour correction
  • Output to jpeg or tiff file
  • Optional custom slideshows with music, special effects and more

More information on preparing your slides and prices
Bring Your Images To Life with The Ultimate Conversion to DVD.

Once digitised, we can create the ultimate DVD where all your Slides, Negatives and Photos are animated so that they look like they were filmed with a video camera. The effects include zooms in and out, pans and numerous other motion effects that make your DVD a lot more interesting.

Plus, we can add titles, chapters and background music to give the Ultimate DVD viewing experience.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.