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Transfers to CD

We convert all audio formats to CD or DVD

We restore all audio recording from cassette, microcassette, reel to reel, DAT vinyl or mindisc to CD or digital file.

Analog audio formats (those mentioned above), are not designed forever. After 10 years or so, magnetic tape formats are usually well on the way to losing a lot of the quality and much longer than this, it’s quite possible they are well on their way to being unusable.

Our audio conversion process

Our process involves digitally capturing the source audio, enhancing it’s signal while also removing as much as possible of the back ground hum and hiss.

Who is the service for?

We’ve provided this service for some of Australia’s largest Government organisations, law firms and corporations, however the majority of our work is provided for the domestic market.

If you have recorded memories with any sort of sentimental value, you owe it to yourself to transfer it to CD or digital file before it is too late.

We strictly adhere to copyright laws when it comes to transfer of copyrighted material. If you have records or cassettes that are covered by copyright you will need to have permission from the copyright owner before we can transfer it.

We fit around 74 minutes onto a CD. If your recording is longer, we’ll spread the recording across multiple CDs. There is an extra fee for multiple records and tapes going onto one CD. We can provide compilations ie. tracks from different sources. We can re-arrange the tracks into a different order.

If you would like something not outlined on this page, please call us to discuss – I’m sure we can help.

vinyl record

Vinyl records including 78’s, 45’s and 33 LP’s (you will need permission from the copyright owner if the material is covered by copyright)


cassette tape

Cassette tapes


Reel recorder

Reel to Reel tape


mini disk




Compilations of various CD’s and tracks in a certain order.

There are legal responsibilities in doing this so contact us.