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Disc On Demand

Disc on Demand is a free service available to all our clients. When we duplicate your discs, we save your files in our archive system for a period of months. If you want to take advantage of this free service, let us know that you will need re-runs and we will store your files for as long as you require.

Whenever you require more disks, simply contact us and order them. Depending on the quantities required, we can still provide an next day service.

One regular corporate client phoned us at 7:30 in the evening because he urgently needed another 500 disc catalogues. They were ready as promised by 8:30 the following morning.

Bands and Musicians find our Disc on Demand service invaluable. They don’t have to find mega bucks to order thousands of discs. They generally order one or two hundred discs at a time and when stocks are running low, they phone and order another batch.

Many of our Corporate clients have realised the cost savings and convenience of having their catalogues on CD rather thanf having thousands of brochures printed and laying around taking up valuable space. A new product comes along and all those printed brochures are then obsolete and are usually thrown away. What a waste.

With CD catalogues, they simply email us an updated file and order another batch. It’s convenient, cost effective and so much quicker.

Why not take advantage of our free ‘Disc on Demand’ service