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There are a few key suggestions we make to our customers when undertaking a film or video transfers.

Safeguarding films for the future

Firstly, we believe in the legacy of historical films and therefore always recommend that you never throw your old films away, regardless of the quality of the transfer you do.

Imagine scanning the Mona Lisa at hi resolution and throwing it away – only an idiot would do such a thing. Whilst this might be an extreme example, film carries with it some interesting historical value which deserves to be stored safely for future generations to see. Image 100 years into the future when 8mm, super 8, 16mm or other film formats are no where to be seen.

Archive and backup your films

The second suggestion we always make is to not only convert you film to a format that can be easily views (such as DVD or BD), but at the same time, take a backup of the uncompressed original footage. This can take the format of a miniDV tape, an .avi, .mov or.dv file, each of which can contain almost no compression making it suitable for long term archiving and storage.

By taking this extra step, you are safeguarding or future proofing you memories for future advancements in technology and at the same time ensuring your film and video memories are safe for future generations to enjoy.