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VHS to DVD Conversions

We convert home movies (all video formats) to DVD from our Perth Office.

WA Duplication offer you a professional video to DVD transfer and conversion service for all formats of video and camcorder tapes. Please visit our Video Transfer Information page for more detail of what our process involves.

The formats we transfer include VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, Beta, Betamax, MiniDV, Hi8, Digital 8, Video8, DVCPro, Umatic and DVCam.

Premium transfer which includes removal of blank spots, basic editing, Dolby Digital sound, chaptering and professional grade encoding.

Additional Information:

  • If multiple short videos are provided with short clips to make up the 90 minutes, add $10 per video.
  • If the video is longer than 90 minutes, it will end up as a 2 x DVD set and will cost an extra $20.00.
  • If editing, chapters, special effects or background music is required, contact us to discuss your requirements.
  • If you want to edit the converted footage yourself and author your own DVD’s, let us know and we can provide the digitised conversion in various formats. The best results are achieved by providing you “Native DV’ footage on either MiniDV or avi/mov files stored on DVD. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

 FROM $65.00

NTSC (America)

We can convert NTSC to PAL and PAL to NTSC for use on overseas equipment. Please contact us for more information.

$25.00 per DVD

Our professional analogue to digital conversion, editing and authoring equipment used during every step of our process means we can provide a quality digital re-mastering service, which can correct some of the faults your original footage may include. Please view our Editing page or Contact us for further details.

Be careful of cheap video to DVD conversions. Without going into the technical details, unless your service provider is converting your video from analogue to an edit station while capturing it, you will get a poor quality product. We advise you to read up and ask lots of questions before accepting the lowest price.

Once your transfers are completed, your finished DVDs make terrific presents for family and friends. We can provide additional copies of your finished DVD for only $10.00 each.

Another option worth considering. If your DVD is damaged or lost, your only option is to go through the whole process again and by then, your original videos will have deteriorated even more. Its wise to at least consider a digital backup at the same time. We provide a digital master on MiniDV tape for only $25.00 per hour of footage. This means you not only have an uncompressed backup of the captured footage for archival purposes, but also the footage in a format suitable for future technologies.

With High Definition and Blu-ray now common place, it’s important to consider future trends when organising your conversion. Archiving you digital master on MiniDV will mean it is stored at maximum resolution suitable for transfer to High Definition, Wide Screen and Blu-ray.

DVD’s are inherently compressed and are much poorer quality than raw native DV or full HD Blu-Ray. This means that if you only transfer to DVD you cannot upgrade to the quality offered by Blu-ray or future mediums. It’s at least worth considering a Digital Master Backup which could save you a fortune and in the future.

Problems with HDD camcorders